YVES ROCHER FOUNDATION – we planted 10 900 trees in the Poznań Forest Department

Yves Rocher Foundation in action again! Thanks to them, 10,900 trees were planted: oaks, beeches, lindens, hornbeams and more.  The reforestation was aimed at increasing biodiversity, absorbing carbon dioxide, cleaning the air and soil, and water retention.

We have introduced native species of forest trees and shrubs on the Poznań Forest Site, which are adapted to this particular habitat. Ultimately, they are to form mature stands of trees. Wanting to avoid the formation of monocultures, a wide range of species is introduced there, enriching the biodiversity of the area. Ongoing replenishment of plantings helps ensure the continuity of forest communities and protects against the phenomenon of deforestation.

In the spring of 2021, we planted 10,900 saplings at the Poznań Forest Plant as part of the Time for Forest program

  • 850 oak trees – considered one of the most important deciduous trees in Poland
  • 2500 beech trees – which is an extremely efficient producer of mulch, and its leaves have large amounts of calcium compounds, so that the humus formed from them enriches the soil with nutrients
  • 1950 linden trees – famous for its health-promoting properties
  • 300 larch trees – which is the only coniferous tree that sheds its needles for the winter
  • 2800 pine trees – having very low soil requirements, so it can grow even on very poor skeletal soils
  • 1600 hornbeam trees – called “iron tree”, it is the hardest among Polish trees
  • 550 sycamore trees – which grows up to 30 m and lives up to 500 years
  • 350 hazel trees – resistant even to big frosts

We are planting trees in the Poznań Forest, but where is it?

The establishment of the Department of Poznań Forest with its roots goes all the way back to 1834, when the Forest Beautification Society was founded. Duchess Radziwill set aside 80 hectares of Dębinski Forest for public use. In 1924, the forest area increased to 160 hectares. Currently, forest land within the administrative boundaries of the city of Poznan occupies more than 4,000 hectares, including 2 500 hectares of municipal forests. 

If we look at the area from the numerical side we find there: 4 urban forestry districts, 23 wildernesses, 697 survey plots, 159 hectares of over 100-year-old stands, and 50% of the land is coniferous. However, that’s not all. 4 playgrounds, 84 kilometers of roads and recreational paths, 19 rainforests, 35 recreational glades, a toboggan slope, 5 nature and forest trails, and more than 4 kilometers of research and educational trails. 

Why are we planting trees with Yves Rocher Foundation?

Created in 1991. The Yves Rocher Foundation by the son of YR brand founder Jacques Rocher works to protect the environment. Since 2007, the Foundation has also been involved in tree planting. The fruit of these activities was the recently achieved goal of planting 100 million trees by the end of 2020! The idea of planting around the world continues to be pursued by the company, now under a new initiative called Plant for Life. Its goal is to plant 35 million trees by 2025 – in this challenge in Poland it is supported by the Aeris Futuro Foundation.

We sincerely thank the Yves Rocher Foundation for contributing to improving the ecosystem by planting 10,600 trees that we were able to plant together as part of the TIME FOR FOREST project.

”If we want this country to function smoothly, there must be areas where nature is more important than humans”

Andrzej Kassenberg