DZP – 500 seedlings in the municipality of Wieliszew

Together with volunteers from the Domański Zakrzewski Palinka law firm, we planted trees and shrubs on former agricultural land in the municipality.Wieliszew municipality.

Plant trees or hand over the baton to nature?

Unfortunately, human activity is so far invasive to the Planet as a whole that leaving nature to take charge of the regeneration process on its own is not necessarily the best solution.

Why thoughtful human intervention in the restoration of blighted areas can be beneficial:

  • Stopping the invasion of alien tree species.
    Alien and highly expansive species can invade areas faster than native plants, and it is not uncommon for native species to disappear from an area due to human activity.
  • Biodiversity conservation.
    The invasion of alien species contributes to a decline in local biodiversity and thus to the extinction of native species. By planting naturally-occurring tree species in an area, we are supporting local biodiversity and helping to recreate a proper, adequate ecosystem.
  • Accelerating land regeneration.
    A well-thought-out planting plan can ensure that an area is more quickly settled and regenerated. The presence of trees will begin to attract animals, which in turn drive the machinery of the area’s regeneration.

Planting native tree species inthe Wieliszew communemunicipality is an effective method of ecosystem restoration.

During the event, organised in cooperation with the DZP,on 10 November, volunteers planted 400 trees and 100 shrubs on former agricultural land that the municipality had decided to reforest.

Native species selected according to the conditions of the area were planted:

  • pedunculate oak – 150 pieces,
  • silver birch – 250 pieces,
  • common hawthorn – 100 pieces.

The event was preceded by a short briefing and lecture on the importance of biodiversity for ecosystems and the quality of human life.

Who is our event partne

Domański Zakrzewski Palinka has been the largest independent Polish law firm for many years, with its head office in Warsaw and branches in Poznan and Wroclaw. Awarded and recognised in international rankings on more than one occasion, DZP’s law firm is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to clients from all industries, offering them a full range of legal and tax advice.

We would like to thank the law firm Domański Zakrzewski Palinka for its commitment to combating the negative effects of global climate change and for supporting the Time for Forestsprogramme!