Rain garden on the grounds of the elementary school in Gorzków

On Monday, June 12, a unique event was held on the grounds of the Kornel Makuszynski Elementary School in Gorzkow as part of the Wieliczka District’s education and information campaign under the slogan “Create your rain garden and keep water in the district!”. This is an initiative to educate residents about the importance of rain gardens and encourage their creation.

Rain garden in Gorzkov

Rain gardens – for education and nature

The highlight of the event was the grand opening of the rain garden, which was realized thanks to the involvement of the Aeris Futuro Foundation. This is yet another rain garden by the Foundation, but we are particularly pleased with the realizations on the grounds of schools and educational institutions. Why? Because we know that our gardens contribute to the education of children and young people and inspire action on behalf of nature.

Garden in a box – an example of practical ecology

The rain garden was placed in a custom-made box made of larch wood. The construction of the garden and planting of plants took place with the active participation of students from Kornel Makuszynski Elementary School.

Learning by doing

During the event, participants were able to learn a lot of interesting information about rain gardens. First of all, it was demonstrated how to connect the rainbox to the gutter, which is a key step in the process of rainwater harvesting. In addition, they discussed how to properly prepare the ground and what plants are best for this type of garden. These practical tips are extremely valuable for those interested in creating their own rain gardens next to their homes.

Nature education at your fingertips

Our rain gardens are not only water conservation, they are also an ecosystem in a nutshell to explain the processes that occur in nature. By observing, caring for plants and taking care of the rain garden, students observe the processes taking place in nature and learn about the relationship between humans and nature.

Support from the district of Wieliczka

The special event could not miss important guests. The meeting was attended by Wieliczka County Secretary Rafal Sleczka, who expressed his support for the “Create your rain garden and keep water in the county!” initiative. The presence of a representative from the district government underscored the importance of the project and its significance for the local community.

The education and information campaign “Create your rain garden and keep water in the county!” was financed by the Wieliczka County as part of the LIFE-IP EKO-MALOPOLSKA project. This is an investment co-financed by the LIFE program of the European Union and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. Thanks to this initiative, residents of the region have the opportunity not only to learn about green solutions, but also to actively contribute to the protection of our environment.

Your future in your hands

The rain garden in Gorzkovo is not only a symbol of environmental education, but also a practical contribution to nature conservation. This proves that each of us can contribute to retaining rainwater and protecting our environment. That’s why you should take action and create your own rain garden, inspired by this design. This is a step toward a more sustainable and greener future. Through rain gardens, we learn to care for water resources while taking care of our own surroundings and developing sensitivity to the ecological challenges of the modern world.

We sincerely thank you for your support of the “Rain Gardens” project and the promotion of ecological attitudes.