TECHLAND – an ecological battle for the environment

techlandThe fight for the environment and climate is not simple. It takes the efforts of many people who care about our planet. Our recent efforts have helped offset 75 tons of carbon dioxide, all thanks to the commitment of Techland employees and volunteers. This is a valuable contribution to the Earth.

Enviroment is worth fighting for

Seventeen years ago, we started activities under the TIME FOR FOREST program. It is aimed at anyone who cannot or does not see the point in changing the operations of their business or lifestyle, yet would like to reduce their negative impact on the environment. This is something new. We provide an opportunity to counteract global climate change in terms of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, by afforesting and reforesting areas of Poland. This time we chose the area of the Stołowe Mountains National Park.

Why exactly the Stołowe Mountains National Park?

The park is an area dominated mainly by artificial spruce stands. It was established in 1993 and covers nearly 6340 hectares, more than 3000 hectares of which are subject to reconstruction.

Where does this come from? There are few issues: spruce root system, the soil lyer covering rocky ground which is shallow and the wind which damages stands. On the other hand, this kind of monoculture is more vulnerable to the emergence of the spruce bark beetle, a small beetle that mainly attacks weak trees.

Spring environment in the national park

Spring is a perfect time to plant trees – this is when nature comes back to life after winter. On Szczeliniec Wielki we can still encounter snow and ice because there is a characteristic microclimate – it is cool and humid. More and more animals are also appearing, including lesser species. Currently, as much as 3000 hectares of the Park are undergoing redevelopment. We wanted to support this project – our goal is to fill in the gaps with species suitable for this environment. A monoculture of trees faces threats specific to each species. By enriching the biodiversity of the park, we can avoid some of the possible problems. Climate change is happening right before our eyes. Many people don’t care about the environment in which they live, despite the fact that the topic of global warming has been raised many times in various forms.

If you want to help the environment, why not give it a try? There are many ways in which you can support the planet! Start with small things, such as recycling your trash or saving energy. Limit your car use. If you can afford it, plant a tree with us.

The fight for environment and climate

Planting suitable species in the Stołowe Mountains National Park is an attempt to restore the natural ecosystem there.

For the spring planting, together with Techland, we chose beech trees, characterized by the production of a large amount of oxygen per day. We planted 1000 seedlings.

We would like to thank Techland for contributing to improving the ecosystem by planting 1,000 trees, which we planted together as part of the TIME FOR FOREST program.

Would you like to help too?
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