Adyen – We planted 1000 trees together with the Life Terra Foundation


Planting trees benefits the environment and local communities

Human activity contributes to the degradation of green spaces on many levels. One of the global, underestimated problems of our time is foreign invasive species, which threaten our native wildlife and reduce the level of biodiversity.

Unfortunately, until now it has happened that afforestation of, for example, former agricultural land has often been carried out incorrectly to the detriment of local nature. Post-agricultural land was planted with alien plant species or monocultures, and no consideration was given to how environmental conditions would be affected by global climate change.

Planting trees helps restore biodiversity

Planting native tree species properly suited to the habitat is a strategy that effectively supports local wildlife. Trees help restore local ecosystems by providing food and shelter for other organisms. In addition, tree roots prevent soil erosion and improve soil structure, increasing water retention capacity, which is particularly important in the context of global climate change.

Planting trees is also important for local communities, as wooded areas improve the aesthetics of the landscape, which can promote tourism and recreation.


We planted trees together with the Life Terra Foundation

April 18 in cooperation with the Life Terra Foundation and the Dutch company Adyen, we planted native tree species in the municipality of Wieliszew. They will support the restoration of the area, but will also prevent the spread of alien plant species. Although natural succession seems a better solution than artificial plantings, human intervention is increasingly necessary due to the growing strength of invasive species, which seize land more efficiently than native plants.

Together with Life Terra and Adyen volunteers, we jointly planted 1000 trees (Life Terra – 500 trees, Adyen – 500 trees):

  • sessile oak – 500 trees,
  • silver birch – 250 trees,
  • common hawthorn – 50 trees,
  • Norway maple – 50 trees,
  • European crab apple – 50 trees,
  • field elm – 100 trees.

Our action partner was a foundation operating in Europe, whose mission coincides with the goals of our foundation. The organization Life Terra not only supports tree planting campaigns and climate action, but also provides education and develops tree monitoring technology.

We would like to thank everyone for their involvement in the „Time for Forest” project and their cooperation in a pleasant atmosphere. By joining forces and expanding our area of operations, we can do even more for our planet.