Caterpillar Foundation – 1500 trees in Radomyśl municipality

The problem of invasion by alien plant species is still often downplayed and even neglected. Meanwhile, the expansion of plants that are not part of the local landscape is gaining alarming proportions. Together with the Caterpillar Foundationr and One Tree Planted, we strengthened the ranks of native wildlife!

Czasnalas-Caterpillar Foundation_Radomysl-sadzimy_drzewa

Growing threat from invasive alien species (IAS)

The growing problem with the emergence of plants whose rapid spread can threaten the local environment is still treated very lightly even by naturalists. However, studies show that invasive species significantly threaten biodiversity, so before planting trees, we undertook the removal of invasive black cherry as part of an action in cooperation with the Caterpillar Foundation and One Tree Planted .

The area in the Radomyśl municipality where we planned the planting turned out to be a narrow strip between pine patches of forest. One would expect that since there are pine trees on both sides, these trees would quite efficiently seize the unplanted land. However, it turned out that the site was occupied by black cherry an example of invasive species efficiency.

Defending biodiversity by removing invasive species

Eradication of alien plant species is often difficult and cumbersome, so prevention and early intervention are so important The basis, of course, is not to introduce alien plants into the environment. Unfortunately, many species find their way into the environment by accident, and seeds, like invasive delayed-launch bombs, can wait years in the soil for favorable conditions to proliferate. This is why activities that support local nature, such as planting native tree species, play such an important role.

Planting native trees reduces invasive alien species

Science confirms that by planting native tree species, we are effectively fighting invasive species. Studies show that filling spaces with site-specific plants reduces the spread of invasive species. Foreign plants, even if they appear in such an area, will appear with less intensity and will no longer pose such a significant threat.

After the removal of the invasive black cherry, we planted the following species in the Radomyśl municipality as part of an action with the Caterpillar Foundation i One Tree Planted:

  • silver birch – 500 trees,
  • sessile oak – 800 trees,
  • wild cherry – 100 trees,
  • small-leaved linden – 100 trees.

The role of education in the fight against invasive species

The action, which took place on April 12, 2024, was attended by 7th and 8th grade students of a local elementary school and two volunteers from Caterpillar’s Janow Lubelski branch.

The event was enriched with theoretical support and environmental workshops. Among other things, students were able to build their own birdhouses for hollow birds.

We would like to thank the Caterpillar Foundation for its unflagging enthusiasm in supporting nature and its openness to making a difference in following the path of sustainable development and supporting the “Time for Forest” project.