ATENOR – we planted beech trees in Lewin Kłodzki

sadzimy_bukiThanks to cooperation with ATENOR, we were able to plant new trees in the Lewin Kłodzki commune. We planted beech trees – 2022 seedlings, and the action was carried out in May 2022.

Lewin Kłodzki is located in the Lower Silesia, Poland. This is not the first time we have planted trees there with Atenor. This is not the first time we have planted trees there with Atenor. To learn more, visit our article about a previous action in this place.

Planting beech trees brings a lot of good

These common trees have more advantages than you may realize. Although they are popular because of their durable wood, they are also beautiful and valuable for the environment. There are many varieties of beech trees that exhibit different characteristics – this is also the answer for people who wonder whether and how to plant beech trees for a hedge. We, of course, planted the common beech, namely fagus sylvatica. It is also interesting to note that young leaves and beech nuts (known as beechnut) are edible and healthy.

Why did we plant beech trees and not other trees?

The planting plans in Lewin Klodzko are not based only on beech trees. True, we started with this species, however, the plan does not envisage a monoculture, but a biodiverse planting with a predominance of beech, fir and an admixture of biocenotic trees. For the last decades there has been a spruce monoculture in the Lewin Kłodzki commune, so we do not want to create another one. The spruce trees were destroyed by the spruce bark beetle, so we had to choose a species resistant to this pest, and in addition, native and having its natural habitat here.

We planted beech trees, how about you?

They have a huge impact on our environment and health, and yet they are still being burned, littered and cut down. If nothing changes in our approach to forests, the consequence will undoubtedly be progressive climate change. Trees perform protective functions, help with water retention and clean the air, and these are just some of their benefits.

We have been supporting reforestation in Poland for 16 years. You can help too. Plant a tree, if you can afford it, and if you see someone illegally cutting down trees – report it!

We would like to thank ATENOR for the support. With your help, we were able to plant more trees and thus support our environment.