GARDNER DENVER POLAND – together we planted trees

Sadzenie z IRCO uczestnicy

A fruitful day was spent in the company of Gardner Denver Poland employees and volunteers. Despite adversity and difficult conditions, none of those present wanted to give up planting. As planned, we planted 500 trees.

A few words about why we planted the trees right here

In the morning we met with someone from Doliny Mgieł – Mr. Łukasz. According to him, a permaculture habitat like Dolina Mgieł’s is created primarily for the harmony and tranquility of the plants in the garden, which produce much healthier crops thanks to such an environment.

“They are also an ideal place to understand the interdependencies occurring in nature and to learn patience. We don’t speed up plant growth, let alone improve nature. That is also our goal”. Mr. Łukasz says. The idea for this place at first was only in his head, his computer memory, and over time it turned into reality. For the past nine years, he and his wife, have been creating it according to permaculture principles. The goal is to create a habitat to achieve self-sufficiency.

Therefore, planting trees here is not just a cultivation activity. The planted trees will help offset CO2 emissions in the future. The biodiversity of the area will also be increased, and the planted trees will protect the area from wind and therefore evaporation. Emerging new trees are also the best invitation for birds and pollinating insects.

We planted trees and here’s why

The growth of desert areas and the progressive degradation of the environment is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon
Forests are being burned, destroyed and littered, despite the countless benefits they bring to the environment. Most people associate trees primarily with oxygen, and this is of course a true belief, but trees have much more to offer. They perform protective and filtering functionsThey cool the air, improve biodiversity and store not only CO2, but also water. And that’s just looking superficially at the subject of trees. Even these few examples should convince you how important they are to our biosphere. Despite this, the situation of forests in the world and in Poland is not improving. We can see a similar thing in cities – fewer and fewer trees and greenery.. Our solution is to plant new trees. If you would like to support us, visit our website – TIME FOR FOREST.

Volunteers and employees of Gardner Denver Poland want to plant trees that will enrich the areas of Dolina Mgieł. To set a good example and take care of the environment not only on paper, but through real actions. We managed to plant 500 saplings: 300 larch trees and 200 linden trees. Planting is an important action to improve the quality of the habitat and the functioning of the agricultural landscape.

We planted trees to help the planet, but is it enough?

Unfortunately, human activity on the environment is devastating. In this situation, we are left with nothing but the ongoing attempt to rebuild what others continue to destroy.

Marek Piatkowski – President of the Aeris Futuro Foundation, speaks on the matter as follows: “Helping the process of reforestation and afforestation is a chance to compensate for our harmful impact and CO2 emissions, which everyone can take advantage of. Admittedly, it is impossible to compensate for everything, but the very willingness to change existing habits creates an opportunity for improvement. We are all part of the environment, and as a result, each of our activities affects it in some way. If nothing changes, we will all feel climate change in the future, which could be catastrophic for civilization”.

Forests are an area that is home to nearly 80% of all animal species. Reducing their area will undoubtedly cause species extinction and destabilize the entire ecosystem.

We would like to thank Gardner Denver Poland Sp. z o.o. for its contribution to improving the ecosystem by planting five hundred trees, which we were able to plant together as part of the TIME FOR FOREST project.