45 000 ha of Polish forests devastated

5 people killed, 50 injured, many homes destroyed and 45,000 hectares of devastated trees – this is the balance of the violent storms and storms that passed through Poland. “We haven’t had such a catastrophe in forests for 90 years”. – Said the General Director of State Forests – Konrad Tomaszewski.

Indeed, the enormity of the damage is massive. But what does it mean for us? Is the current situation an opportunity to change the way we do things?

Announcement from Aeris Futuro Foundation

We extend our deepest sympathy to all the families who have lost loved ones. We are also preparing a concrete assistance plan, which will be announced in a separate communication.

Violent storms and localised tornadoes are becoming more frequent in Poland, but the scale of forest damage has never been so great. We are clearly witnessing a climate change in Poland, for which we should be preparing. According to the opinion of many scientists, such violent weather changes will intensify in the coming years.

Forests are our common good, trees allow us to maintain a balance in the environment, they absorb carbon dioxide from our planet, they take care of the right water level, they are a natural habitat for many creatures. They simply provide us with balance.

The catastrophe of the Polish forests a few days ago has provoked much reflection in everyone. In our view, it is a great opportunity for us to give serious thought to ways of regenerating Poland’s forests.

Past experience shows that Polish forests are not prepared for increasingly extreme weather events. Polish forests are mainly planted with pine trees and lack other tree species – for example, birch, which tolerates sandy soils very well and is resistant to strong winds. There is also insufficient lower vegetation in the forests to provide natural protection for the forest against violent storms.

We have therefore decided to launch an initiative for a debate among specialists to discuss and determine what the best solutions for our forests might be, in order to help them not only protect themselves but also create a friendly climate for the future. We will announce the date of the meeting soon.

Announcement from Aeris Futuro Foundation