Plant trees for newlyweds in the Raba Valley

Trees for newlyweds

Trees that will allow you to hide from the scorching sun, and perhaps hide from the burning sensation? Trees that in the future can be a support, and perhaps literally a support for the victims of Cupid’s arrows?

Trees for Newlyweds is a special gift for years to come!

The “Valley of the Raba” resort in Klaj can now become a Center of Romanticism.

Because it’s not just the summer heat anymore, but also the flame of affection can almost char your hearts when you realize that the tree that just gives you shade is a symbol of affection.

As part of a unique action, we planted 25 alders on the grounds of the “Valley of the Raba” Center in Klaj. These trees are a symbolic and somewhat mysterious gift for the newlyweds, so we hope that they will be the object of special attention and care, will grow magnificently and will quickly become enclaves of green shade for those resting on the resort grounds.

Why did we plant alders as a gift for the newlyweds?

A species that works well around water bodies is black alder, and the trees that have been planted are 3-4 meters tall. So already this season you will be able to taste a bit of romance in their shadow.

What we need now is to wait until spring is in full swing, the trees firmly hug their roots to the soil and the branches sprinkle with greenery.

We wish the newlyweds that their relationship grows together with the trees, which, like symbolic pillars, will be a reminder and support in those less rosy moments.

May you live a wonderful and green life!

We would like to thank the manager of the “Valley of the Raba” Center for the pleasant atmosphere!