ATENOR – planting trees in Lewin Kłodzki

In April 2021, together with Atenor, we planted 2021 beech trees in the municipality of Lewin Kłodzki. And all this within the framework of the Time for Forest program!

The Lewin Kłodzki commune is located in the Lower Silesian province, in the western part of Kłodzko county. The municipality is one of the smallest in terms of population. Its area mostly covers the Lewin Hills, which are part of the Orlickie Foothills, bordering the Stołowe Mountains, among others. Mountainous terrains predominate there, but there are also clearly accentuated valley sculptures, full of forests and meadows.

New species in spruce monocultures

In April of this year, thanks to the support of the Atenor company, we planted 2021 beech seedlings in the municipality, within Jerzykowice Wielkie, in section 8a.

The forests of Lewin Kłodzki are dominated by spruce monocultures, which is due to the historically conditioned long-term monoculture of forests. Forest monocultures are characterized by high susceptibility to gradations of harmful insects, including the spruce bark beetle, which feeds mainly on common spruce trees in areas of spruce monocultures. To prevent attacks by the bark beetle, one solution is to plant tree species compatible with habitat conditions in place of damaged conifers. Therefore, as part of our planting, we introduced beech trees (fagus sylvatica).

Additional protection of the beautiful natural areas of the Lewin Kłodzki commune

Part of the municipality’s areas are under Natura2000 protection. This is a new form of nature protection on the territory of the European Union. The purpose is to preserve certain types of natural habitats and species that are considered valuable. Protected landscape areas in Lewin Klodzko include the Bystrzyckie and Orlickie Mountains (155.0ha), the Table Mountains (1685.0ha) or the Stołowe Mountains National Park – lagging (2106.0ha).

Many thanks to Atenor, without which the tree planting would not have been possible!