Caterpillar Foundation – 1500 trees in the Toszek municipality

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To plant 1,500 native tree species in the Toszek municipality, we teamed up with the One Tree Planted and Caterpillar Foundation organizations, as well as the local Elementary School. We used the event for educational purposes – students had the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the importance of biodiversity for the entire planet, and of course – to learn the ins and outs of the process of proper tree planting.

Tree planting as a method of combating invasive species

There is no doubt – nature has the power to cope with anthropogenic disturbances to its functioning on its own. It is true that areas left to nature will eventually be settled and nature will recover. Why plant trees, then, when nature can “plant it itself”?

Invasive species are a huge threat to biodiversity

A significant problem with natural succession is invasive species, which have long since overrun urban boundaries. Before our native tree species manage to colonize an area, they are often overtaken by alien invasive species that are much more efficient in spreading. Planting native trees helps reduce invasions by non-native plants, which have a harder time controlling areas already filled with native vegetation. Planting native tree species also supports the resilience and stability of local ecosystems.

Invasive species reproduce faster than native species

Changes in the environment such as declining populations of animal species, or the migration of animals in search of food, for example, can make it difficult for various plant species to spread, because, for example, there is a lack of animals or phenomena that until now have helped them expand. In addition, during the initial phase, invasive species often have no natural enemies, and by the time an opponent appears, a very clear domination has already occurred. In such an unequal battle, native wildlife often loses.

Fighting invasive species and promoting biodiversity is one of the goals of the tree planting campaign

Skillful planting planning promotes local biodiversity, accelerates reforestation and reduces the expansion of alien plants. Therefore, during an event organized together with the Caterpillar Foundation and One Tree Planted on 8.04.2024. we planted native tree species, which we hope will be the foundation for a beautiful, diverse forest. They were:

  • pedunculate oak – 400 trees,
  • silver birch – 500 trees,
  • European crab apple – 100 trees,
  • rowan – 100 trees,
  • Norway maple – 200 trees,
  • small-leaved linden – 200 trees.

Class VII students actively participated in the planting process after a brief training. After a brief relaxation, the students participated in an environmental workshop, during which they built birdhouses and expanded their knowledge of biodiversity and global climate change, among other topics.

We value organizations that systematically support nature

Thanks to our repeated cooperation with the Caterpillar Foundation and One Tree Planted, we have already carried out a great many tree planting campaigns, which is a huge contribution to the fight against global climate change.

Founded in 1952 the Caterpillar Foundation is committed to sustainability around the world, including leading environmental efforts.

We would like to thank the Caterpillar Foundation and One Tree Planted for participating in the planting of 1,500 trees and supporting the “Time for the Forest” program We would also like to thank the students of Toszek Elementary School for their commitment and enthusiastic base! “Time for Forest” program We would also like to thank the students of Toszek Elementary School for their commitment and enthusiastic base!