How to protect the climate? – handbook for activists

Table of contents:

1.“Climate change does not only concern environmentalists”
Urszula Stefanowicz, Polish Ecological Club Mazowiecki District

2. ACB building the campaign
Iwo Łoś, Greenpeace Poland Foundation

3. How to educate without going mad?
Szymon Kułakowski, ARKA Ecological Foundation

4. Action – reaction, or forms of direct action
Ewa Sufin-Jacquemart, Green Zone Foundation

5. Internet communication in social action
Piotr Trzaskowski, social activist, advisor

6. How to get the media interested?
Katarzyna Guzek, Greenpeace Poland Foundation

7. Organising meetings – legal issues
Bartosz Kwiatkowski, FrankBold Foundation

Annex 1 – The ABC of climate policy
Annex 2 – Useful resources