Climate policy – facts and myths


Climate policy is a rather controversial topic in Poland. There are many conflicting messages in the media. On the one hand, we hear that the climate must be protected. On the other hand, there are claims that it is not cost-effective and that global warming has no impact on the daily lives of Poles. One can get lost in all this, especially when politicians, journalists and sometimes even scientists themselves have divergent views on the subject. That is why we have decided to debunk 11 of the most frequently repeated myths about climate policy.

Table of contents

1. MIT: Man is not responsible for global warming
2. MIT: Climate change has no impact on everyday life in Poland
3. MIT: Climate protection can be left for later, it is not urgent
4. MIT: Poland cannot afford to implement climate policy
5 MIT: Moving away from coal is too difficult and economically disadvantageous for Poland
6 MIT: We do not need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is enough if we increase CO2 absorption by forests
7 MIT: International climate policy is unnecessary. Each country can reduce its own climate impact in the way it chooses
8. MIT: We should block EU climate policy because it imposes specific targets to be met. International commitments are more beneficial for us
9. MIT: Poland is responsible for 1% of global emissions, its climate protection efforts mean little, so it does not have to do anything
10. MIT: Implementing the Paris Agreement will do nothing
11. MIT: Society has no influence on climate policy