Building insect houses

Last weekend was marked by an insect house-building contest. Those willing came to Krakow and, with our help, built interesting structures that could serve as shelter for pollinating insects.

We are very pleased that so many people came, managed to build (and take with them) interesting in form constructions, which we hope will serve insects, and perhaps some arachnids. It seems that for some, mostly the youngest, it was a great adventure and an encounter with both nature and physical work with sometimes interesting tools. The youngest team did not want to stop hammering nails, even when the houses stood ready.

Such activities are a great adventure, but…

Let’s remember that the construction of insect houses, or the recently popular bee hotels (which is de facto the same thing), is not in itself a great protection for disappearing species. The most beautiful hotel for a pollinator, even if it were with a seashell bath, free parking and located right next to Krakow’s best monuments, will do little if there are no “tourists.” And those, unfortunately, won’t be there if they can’t find places to dine. Thus, to end this somewhat twisted metaphor…

The construction of insect houses is only one piece of the puzzle that can help dying species. Equally important, or even more important, are other measures that will result in a solid food base, water (moisture), and the absence of harmful agents, such as chemicals, around the house.

On the other hand, it is certainly worth creating and erecting insect houses! This can be the beginning of a great educational adventure and, even if some of the houses are inhabited by jumping spiders, our children and ourselves will have the satisfaction and desire to develop our knowledge in the subject.

In any case, congratulations to all who arrived and to the winners, who received a book by Krakow artist Cecylia Malik and a nesting box for birds.