YVES ROCHER – we’ll plant thousands of trees in polish mountains

The Yves Rocher Foundation, together with our foundation, has launched a new planting project in the municipality of Czorsztyn in Kluszkowce, Malopolskie Voivodeship, and in the Stołowe Mountains National Park. Our goal for this year is 50 450 trees!

In Kluszkowce in the Czorsztyn municipality, 35,440 saplings will eventually be planted (pine 40%, larch 40%, birch 10%, other deciduous 10%). The plantings will be carried out on an escarpment along the Czorsztyńskie Lake, on land once used as pasture. The purpose of introducing woody species is their water-protective and soil-protective function, as well as creating habitat conditions for wildlife, especially birds. The species composition of the plantings is aimed at restoring the pre-grazing stand. Preliminarily, the areas have been adapted to carry out plantings, and the first plantings began in April.

The Stołowe Mountains National Park will carry out stand renewal, including renewal under stand cover. The purpose of the restoration work is to rebuild single-species, spruce stands of unknown origin, which are susceptible to harmful abiotic and biotic factors due to inadequate adaptation to the habitat and climatic conditions. The task will be implemented under the auspices of our foundation in the spring of 2017. Ultimately, nearly 15,000 trees will be planted.