“Let’s meet naturally and create a climate for the future.”

Our mission is to effectively counteract against global climate change, protect and enhance biological and landscape diversity, support the development of local communities, and promote responsible business.



Aeris – Air, the symbol of the infinity of life, one of the four elements, connects heaven and earth, is the environment of light, smell, and is the food for every living being. We need air to live, but at the same time we negatively affect it with almost every activity. The result is progressive climate change, which can lead to irreversible changes in the environment, and then pose a threat to humans and nature.


Futuro – The idea of sustainable development is to use the resources of the environment in such a way as not to limit the development opportunities of future generations. We would like too promote and put this idea into action.



  • First Mobile EcoCorner
    First Mobile EcoCorner for children during Open Eyes Economy Summit in Krakow, Poland
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  • Skaters for the Climate
    Social happening in Krakow's Kazimierz district
  • Climathon Krakow 2017
    Together with the Krakow City Hall, we are organizing the second edition of Climathon
  • Polish Radio Reportage Studioa
    There is a lot about us in the media - among other things, reports with our president are broadcast by TVP3 and Polish Radio Program 3 through the Polish Radio Reportage Studio
  • Charity collection for Sulęcin
    We're helping those affected by storms in Pomerania
  • Revitalization of the area in Łętownia
    We revitalized the area around the regional chamber in Łętownia near Jordanów - we carried out activities involving the local community, planted plants growing in traditional village gardens, laid out paths, made educational boards and benches from wicker and willow, and installed a hive for wild bees.
  • SCO
    Social Carbon Offset
  • To the rescue of bees
    We're helping beekeepers plant honey trees
  • I Responsible Film Festival "17 Celów"
    We become a partner of the festival, and the president - a member of the Jury
  • Climathon Krakow 2016
    We're organizing the first Climathon in Krakow
  • Social Carbon Offset brand is created
    Project that helps estimate carbon footprint in product's life cycle and support social investment in green energy by offsetting greenhouse gas emissions
  • Don't make a fuss, this is about our health
    Educational project on low emissions and air pollution in the Jordanów commune
  • Green Energy for Social Change
    Start of pilot phase (June 2015), creation of the name of the tool for offsetting through RES installations in social entities- Social Carbon Offset (September 2015), and the SCO logo (December 2015)
  • Tree=life
    Environmental education project with tree planting action in 8 elementary schools on the Wooden Architecture Route. Project carried out for the 10th anniversary of the program CZAS NA LAS
  • Nature treasure hunters
    Herbalist workshop in the field aimed at children from Łętownia
  • Urban Insects on the Level
    Partnership project under CIF funds
  • Green energy for social change
    Start of NCBiR-funded research project
  • Preschoolers' contribution to a sustainable world
    Environmental education project for pre-school institutions
  • Decaying Architecture of Beskid Wyspowy
    Photography workshops aimed at young people from the Beskid Wyspowy region to protect and sustain cultural heritage
  • Give your Christmas tree a second life
    A project is being launched to convince people to donate Christmas trees for recycling
  • ElectroReCreations
    We are launching a project to promote creative processing of electro-waste
  • With ecology in Małopolska every day and on holidays
    A project to engage and educate different age groups of school children and youth on recycling, conscious consumption and environmental protection
  • Green Festivals
    As part of Green Events we encourage sustainable music festivals
  • EcoOffice game
    A new campaign is being launched to show in an accessible way how to change your habits while working in the office and how to become more eco-friendly
  • Ekoreporter
    We are doing an innovative educational project with an environmental-reporting theme for young people
  • Green Presidency
    We are greening the Polish presidency and promoting the environmental priorities of the Polish presidency
  • Paths to Nature
    We're starting to collaborate on a project
  • Green Events
    We're launching a big campaign as a continuation of Responsible Development; we're promoting and educating about green events and "offsets"
  • Sukces to Twoje Naturalne Środowisko
    We're launching an educational campaign to raise environmental awareness among office workers
  • Education with Climate
    We are enriching our educational program with the projects "Become a climate lover!", "Earth your friend", "Together for EcoDevelopment"
  • Let's Green the Commune
    We are launching a project to promote aforestation in a specific local environment
  • Promoting EcoVolunteeringu
    We diversify our activities, for example, by organizing city games
  • Closer to Africa
    We are working with Burkina Faso on climate protection
  • In the Forest with Science
    We begin environmental education among the youngest children
  • Responsible Business
    We're starting to organize trainings, workshops and conferences in the field of responsible and sustainable development
  • Zero Emission Events
    We offer an advice on estimating the environmental impact of an event and explain how to reduce or compensate for that impact
  • EcoTravel Campaign
    We're launching a project addressing the topic of sustainable tourism
  • Grant Program
    We're beginning to support, financially and substantively, various initiatives for afforestation and forest protection
  • Czas na Las
    We're launching a project to plant trees to neutralize carbon dioxide emission.
  • Dedicate a Tree
    We propose you to fund a tree as a special gift.
  • CO2 Calculator
    We are creating the first tool in Poland that calculate the climate footprint.
  • Treasury of Knowledge
    A website containing information and advice on carbon dioxide and its reduction is being launched.
  • Our website
    The Foundation's website is launched. We're entering the 21st century
    October 1 marks the launch of the CZAS NA LAS project. Our main office is a wonderful 14th century manor house in the heart of Krakow


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