WORKSHOPS – Nature enters the Office


Would you like your employees to see their work as something more than a duty, as something that develops and gives them satisfaction? On the other hand, you don’t have time to organize an ECOINTEGRATION?
Our workshops will be a perfect solution in this case. We’ll come to you and realize the selected program. Employees will surely find an hour or two to learn something interesting.


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HOME AND OFFICE, or in other words, with ecology in harmony

During this workshop, participants will learn about the amount of energy (and non-energy) consumption in a typical office or apartment. They will also learn about ways to limit consumption and calculate for themselves how much can be saved with their chosen measures.

The form of the competition will mobilize all participants, and their own calculations will make the knowledge remain in the memory for a long time.


Nature enters the office! Each participant will be tasked with creating their own microgarden, which has a chance to last at least a few years, pleasing the eyes of everyone who looks at it. From the available ingredients, under the guidance of a specialist, participants will build something truly unique and green.

The construction of the microgarden will give participants a good dose of very interesting practical knowledge, which everyone will be able to use in the future at home or in the office.


One of Poland’s best specialists in herbs and wild edible plants will pass on a piece of his knowledge to your employees. In an interesting, challenging and definitely fun form. Participants will learn how to identify certain plants, combine them in delicious combinations and prepare a very tasty, and above all healthy, food.

Or only healthy, if they show less skill in solving the puzzles prepared by our expert.


Each person attending will be able to make an ecological cosmetic. The benefits they will gain from this position are mainly the knowledge of how to produce simple organic cosmetics. During the workshop participants will also learn what to avoid in cosmetics, and what the dangers are.

Everyone will receive an educational packet regarding regulations and the dangers of using cosmetics containing certain chemicals.


Workshops with excellent handicraft specialists who will explain in an easy to understand way several techniques for creating beautiful jewelry. Following the trend of upcycling, no longer needed items, trinkets destined for the trash, will receive their second life here.Who knows if not longer and even more beautiful than the previous one.

Thanks to the knowledge of our instructors, your imagination and energy, we will create unique pieces of art together.


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