WORKER VOLUNTEERING – for the good of nature


It is important to remember that the work of a volunteer is not completely selfless. A volunteer wants to change the world for the better, and that’s a reward for them. At the same time, it is often important to them that they can learn new skills or develop old ones. By cooperating with us, the volunteer gives their work, which should be purposeful and productive, but at the same time receives much in return; experience, knowledge, satisfaction.


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PLANTING TREES… and not only trees

Your employees will take part in planting trees or shrubs as part of the TIME FOR FOREST program, the ideas of which will be applied at our meeting during ECOINTEGRATION or OFFSET. Depending on the program of our meeting, their work may take the form of a picnic, training, or even competition.

Of course, everything happens under the supervision of specialists, though it is important to remember that volunteers can get imprints while working…. and smiles!


As part of our CLEAN ACTION project, the principles of which we incorporate into our ECOINTEGRATIONS, your employees, together with us, will contribute to improving the cleanliness of a given area. It can be a forest, a lake, or a river. This work is sometimes difficult, but it gives a lot of satisfaction when you look at hundreds of kilograms of garbage, which will no longer ravage the beauty of the chosen landscape.

All volunteers are, of course, equipped with the proper safety equipment and tools so that they can freely help the polluted environment.


This type of volunteering works as part of our Nature enters the Office. The workshops here are aimed at producing items that will be donated to a school or kindergarten. What kind of items are these? Definitely ones that we will be able to make in a short time, but also very useful to children. If you’re curious about something, go ahead and ask.

Everything that will be created thanks to the efforts of volunteers, we allocate to the selected educational institution.


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