Castolin Eutectic – we planted 100 oak trees in Wieliszew

Castolin Wieliszew

Human activity has, without a shadow of a doubt, left a significant mark on the appearance and functioning of our entire planet. Although leaving nature to its own devices and ceasing to interfere with its natural mechanisms seems the optimal solution, unfortunately, this is not always the best option. Above all, any action that helps offset the negative effects of global climate change and supports biodiversity has concrete and important benefits mainly for the human species. Nature, if given a chance will indeed return to a kind of equilibrium over time, but this may be a long process and not necessarily with a beneficial effect for the human species.

How to plant trees properly?

The key to profiting from tree planting is to skillfully carry out such a process, guided by expert knowledge, current scientific data and experience. If the plantings are done in the right way, then they bring huge benefits to the local environment, the global environment, and mostly to people. It is very important to choose healthy native tree species from a good source, select them for their specific habitat, and plant them properly in the ground.

Planting trees supports biodiversity

By planting native tree species, we are helping to maintain and protect local biodiversity and thereby supporting the recovery of healthy ecosystems.

An important threat to maintaining biodiversity is foreign invasive species, which spread very efficiently and displace naturally occurring plants in a given place. It is worth noting that currently, due to human activity, the transfer of plant and animal species to very remote places occurs on a huge scale. Alien species enter the environment not only deliberately, but very often by accident, or due to low public awareness. It also happens that plant seeds that have been dormant for many years “wake up” only when environmental conditions are right for them, and global warming often promotes such situations.

100 oak trees will support the ranks of native wildlife

The oak trees, which were planted on April 18 on damaged post-agricultural land in the municipality of Wieliszew, will support the restoration of the area and prevent the spread of alien plant species. With this treatment, over time the area will turn into a biodiverse forest, attracting animals and allowing further expansion of trees specific to our local environment.

We would like to thank Castolin Eutectic for joining our green initiative, supporting the „Time for Forest”program and committing to environmental protection. With such actions, we increase the chance of a better life for future generations.