Planting trees in Radom

Thanks to Ringier Axel Springer Polska sp. z o.o., supported by the Radom City Hall, today, i.e. October 27, we are planting trees in Radom, in urban areas! During the event, we will focus on the topic of birds and pollinating insects, and we will do our best to provide them with support not only by planting trees and shrubs.

In the planting plan we have species such as field pear, wild apple tree, bird cherry, mountain ash, serviceberry and hawthorn.

The selected species of trees and shrubs will provide a canteen and shelter for birds and wild pollinators, thereby increasing species diversity. It is biodiversity that makes ecosystems more stable and resilient to ongoing changes and stress factors.

Prior to the planting campaign, the urban area will be cleared of invasive plants such as Canadian goldenrod and ash-leaf maples. With the removal of non-native, expansive plants and the planting of native tree species, the character of this space will change dramatically, and we know that this will benefit not only locally, but also globally, because by adding up small actions, we can have a significant, wide-ranging and clearly noticeable effect.

The decline in insect numbers is a highly disturbing phenomenon, and one that is becoming increasingly apparent to the “naked eye” as well. A study conducted in Denmark between 1997 and 2017 showed an 80% decrease in the number of insects found on vehicle windshields, of course, taking into account the time of day, temperature and wind speed, among other factors. This would seem to be great news, after all, it’s no fun to clean car windows or collide with a bee while riding a bicycle, but insects serve an extremely important function in the ecosystem and we are still discovering more new roles for them. Basically, in nature, each species has its specific place, the extinction or reduction of the population of one species affects the existence of other populations and, of course, the situation also affects us humans, although we may not feel it directly and immediately.

During the educational part of today’s event, we will try to emphasize how important insects are for nature, including those that often do not arouse our sympathy and do not impress us with their appearance.

Thank you Ringier Axel Springer Poland sp. z o.o. for yet another great support for the environment!