ParkujeMyEko event with Aeris Futuro Foundation

Where & when:
Kraków 16.06.2019

Come and experience plenty of eco-atractions with Aeris Futuro Foundation!

It will be Musically – a traditional Hungarian band will play Hungarian tunes – circle dancing for big and small – at 2.00 and 8.45 p.m.

Group “Szépszerével” play “Csángó” –very lively, transelike, traditional music which originated from the Romanian region of Moldavia. The musicians are students of village music players – Gyulai Farkas plays the violin, flute and “kaval”, Sámsondi Gergely plays “koboz” and cymbals. They often change instruments. They play and teach how to dance and sing. Most of the dances are circle dances so there’s no need for a partner and the steps are easy even though the tempo might surprise you.

Workshop “For Climate” – at 3.00 p.m which will be lead by Asia Mieszkowicz –climate is a global matter but the effects of the changes affect all of us, lets talk about what is already happening in Cracow, what are the postulates, how we can be involved and lets go for it as we have just a couple of years to stop the human race catastrophe.

Asia Mieszkowicz – is trying to make the world and our brains greener. She is the founder and president of Aeris Futuro Foundation (since 2006), she is the Climate Coalition expert which has been present for almost 20 years and incorporates more than 20 social organizations from all over Poland. Asia promotes Green Events, she created EcoCorner, initiated the Green Energy Cluster in Cracow, Krakow Social Powerplant, as well as Cracow for Climate coalition.

EcoCorner – starting at 3.00 p.m the EcoCorner for kids is a place of spontaneous play and rest for children and parents that participate at a given event. It serves as a solution to stop social deprivation of people who bring up children – there is no need to stay at home as there will be nothing to do with our kids when we want to take part in some of the attractions for grownups. During ParkujmyEko we will make a carpentry workshop for kids with DrewnoDobre and learning through nature explorations with Uczenie w terenie. There will be a reading corner, tepee with cushions, mud kitchen, art with natural materials, learning through play and looking for wilderness in a park.

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