Our role at the Natural Building Festival

The Natural Building Festival will take place on 24-25 June at the University of Warsaw Library. Our foundation will be a patron of this event, which has been long awaited in Poland. It will be an opportunity to gain knowledge, learn about specific solutions and realisations that have been implemented in Poland and around the world for years.

During the festival, you will learn how to use natural, low-process and renewable materials to build a house in a harmonious way. It is an opportunity to meet designers, builders and homeowners, created from the need to live in a sustainable, healthy environment.

Specialists from the National Natural Building Association and their guests will talk about sustainable design systems, permaculture, building technologies, energy and many related topics. During the open workshop, you will be able to dip your hands in hemp shives, clay or try your hand at putting up straw walls and plastering. This is experiential learning, an attractive form of first contact with natural building materials.

The first day of the conference is aimed at those for whom natural technology issues are less familiar. It is a broad overview of the possibilities. The second day – for those somewhat familiar with the subject and those who want to deepen their knowledge in this area.

The conference part is ticketed. Admission to the workshop area and meeting with residents of natural homes will be open to everyone. All are welcome!

More about the festival: