Eco-office – a project in the quarterly magazine AsBiznesu

Recently, the AsBiznesu quarterly published our article titled “Ekobiuro – wczoraj i dziś” (meaning “Eco-office – yesterday and today”). Our Foundation team members Kamila Neminarz and Monika Bartkowicz address issues related to the creation of office spaces conducive to high productivity, as well as draw attention to environmental awareness among employees of companies and organizations.

Our foudation has been actively cooperating with the business sector for quite some time. In the article, we address issues related to our project called Ekobiuro (Eco-office). The Foundation evaluated the effects of introducing eco-solutions by individual organizations and companies into their offices.

The results of the research and conclusions, as well as an assessment of awareness of green attitudes among business employees, can be found in the electronic edition of the quarterly AsBiznesu (the Foundation’s article is on page 10), at: Ekobiuro – wczoraj i dziś (Eco-office – Yesterday and Today).

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