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„GREEN ENERGY FOR SOCIAL CHANGE" is a project aiming at creation of innovative support model for social institutions, by using greenhouse gases emission offsets (including CO2 offsets), e.g. ina form of green energy investments. It is cofunded by the National Centre for Research and Development, as part of Social Innovations Program.

Realization of the project will address several problems related to energy efficiency of our economy, by lowering energy consumption and offseting greenhouse emissions. This will form the basis of low-emission economy that reduces negative impact on the climate, arouse innovation and improve energy security. Offset of CO2 emissions will be made possible thanks to small installations producing green energy for institutions realizing important social missions, including ecological ones. Such activities will improve the quality of environment, followed by quality improvements of community life and new jobs creation. The project deliverable will be an innovative CO2 Calculator, which can be used by different business entities to identify in which areas their CO2 emission is the biggest, to find ways of reducing emissions and neutralizing them by green energy investments in social institutions. By using the application and implementing offset activities the entity will acquire „low-emission'" or „zero-emission" status, increasing its innovation and competitiveness on the market.

To realize this enterprise a consortium was created, associating: Aeris Futuro Foundation (the leader), The Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of the Polish Acadmy of Sciences in Kraków (scientific unit) and microbusinesses: The Sustainers Sp. z o.o. from Warszawa and Kalich Justyna Kalich from Rybnik. Project will span 27 months period, from March 2014 to the end of June 2016.

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