Time for forest
- a programme aimed at neutralizing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by planting trees. So far approximately 1,317,702 tree saplings have been planted and the project has been supported a lot of institutions and companies.
22.12.2014 Aeris Futuro Foundation is the only polish organization to extensively engage in carbon offset, that is projects offseting greenhouse gases emission by tree planting, increasing energetic efficiency and utilizing renewable energy soruces. The aim of offset is neutralization of greenhouse gases emissions and , in a long term, preventing global climate change. On the other hand, it is ecological education about environment protection adaptation to climate change.
Mapa nasadzeń drzew przeprowadzonych w ramach różnych projektów, w tym projektu Czas na Las.
Map of planted trees carried out within the framework of various projects, including the project's Time of Forest.  
12.12.2016 Aeris Futuro Foundation in a partnership with Yves Rocher Foundation has finished a project called Time For Forest, that was realized between 2015 and 2016 at the Sędziszów Commune. Afforestation concerned the terrains of the communal landfill area, where 50 thousand trees were planted (35 thousand in 2015 and 15 thousand in 2016).
03.11.2016 On Saturday, October 15th, in cooperation with Raben Logistics Poland Co., we planted brand new forest in Stanisławów, in Cedry Wielkie Commune.
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