UPS - Czas na Las 28
Time for Forest with UPS Poland - Warsaw
Utworzono 16.04.2018
Spring is definitely the best time for the forest! Enjoying the beautiful spring weather, on April 7, 2018, the Aeris Futuro Foundation, UPS Poland and the Municipal Forests - Warsaw devoted their time to taking care of Las Bródno. The spring rays of the sun made planting trees, which perhaps is associated with hard work, turned out to be a very relaxing activity. In this pleasant aura 60 employees of UPS Poland with the help of accompanying children, planted a total of about 1,500 trees. The Bródno Forest was joined by: common hazel, hazel, bird cherry, hawthorn, small-leaved lime and maple.

"UPS has run the World Afforestation program in Poland for 6 years, although UPS operates in the global space, it is also important for us local environment, which we try to support in various ways. By acting in this way, we can also build awareness and activate our employees in the direction of social activities. " - said Mrs. Bogumiła Rocka, representing UPS Poland.

The President of the Aeris Futuro Foundation, Joanna Mieszkowicz, was very pleased with such a wide response among UPS Poland employees who devoted their free time to working together. "We are very pleased that CSR activities, especially those having in mind corporate social responsibility, are visible in the strategy of companies operating in Poland, this is another joint action with UPS Poland, which brings something good for everyone, employees, residents of Warsaw and the natural environment. We hope it's not the last one. "

Damian Całka from Municipal Forests - Warsaw, who created the concept of planting, said: "Biocenotic plants are very much needed in the urban stand and I am glad that together with UPS Poland we planted these species." We are especially pleased with the choice of bird cherry, which is rare source of food for birds living in the forest, we hope for further cooperation with the Aeris Futuro Foundation, whose activities have caused that we all met here. "

It is worth mentioning that Las Bródno is a unique place, entirely created by man. Unfortunately, the first generation of trees to a large extent consists of units unsuitable for local habitat conditions, resulting in large losses. The process of forest remodeling is planned for the next 20 years, and the activities initiated will certainly contribute to the future generations of Warsaw residents enjoying the charms of the Bródno Forest.

The founder of the green event was UPS Poland, represented by Ms. Bogumiła Rocka. The organizers were represented by: Andżelika Gackowska - Deputy Director of Municipal Forests - Warsaw, Damian Całka - p.o. Head of the Forestry Department and Joanna Mieszkowicz - President of the Aeris Futuro Foundation.
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