Bloomberg - Czas na Las 3
Time for Forest with Bloomberg – Warsaw
Utworzono 15.05.2018

On April 26, the Aeris Futuro Foundation, together with volunteers from Bloomberg, planted 200 biocenotic plant seedlings in Warsaw!

Volunteers arrived at the collection point punctually, and then after a short period of occupational health and safety training tree service in a given area. The planting site was Zorzy Street in Warsaw.

As proof of purchase for voluntary work and planting 200 biocenotic plant seedlings in the City of Warsaw, the Aeris Futuro Foundation awarded Bloomberg's representatives with a certificate confirming that the contribution for planting trees was made. Planting 200 biocenotic plants contributed to the compensation of 15 tons of carbon dioxide.

We invite you to view the photos from this event! :)

Bloomberg - Czas na Las 1

Bloomberg - Czas na Las 2

Bloomberg - Czas na Las 3

Bloomberg - Czas na Las 4

Bloomberg - Czas na Las 5

Bloomberg - Czas na Las 6

Bloomberg - Czas na Las 7

Bloomberg - Czas na Las 8

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