Zdjęcie główne - Ojców
Earth Day 2018 - Time for Forest with BZ WBK in Ojców
Utworzono 25.04.2018
Last weekend, on the occasion of Earth Day 2018, with the support of Bank Zachodni WBK volunteers and the Directorate and employees of the Ojców National Park, the Aeris Futuro Foundation planted 6,000 trees that will feed the Ojcowski National Park ecosystem. It is estimated that the renewal of such forest resources in a natural way would last from 80 to 120 years.

Ojcowski National Park is the smallest park in Poland, which does not mean that it is the least valuable. An impressive list of valuable natural flora species consists of about 1000 species of vascular plants (3rd place in Poland after the Tatra Mountains and Pieniny), over 230 species of mosses and liverworts, almost 1200 species of fungi and 200 species of lichens. Wealth of plants in such a limited area Park tries to retain through appropriate activities aimed at strengthening the potential of particularly valuable and rare species, such as xerothermic plants, which nowadays can be observed in the steppe areas around the Black Sea, as well as relict species preserved from the warming of the climate in the Holocene era.

Our action has a very important and specific ecological effect. As you know, trees have the ability to purify the air and mitigate the local climate. Thanks to planting 6,000 beech trees within this year will precipitate from 20 to 40 tons of dust and 3.6 thousand kg of coal will be absorbed from the atmosphere. In addition, we estimate that this new planting will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions by 500 tonnes, i.e. the amount released while burning 220,000 liters of fuel. - comments Joanna Mieszkowicz, President of the Aeris Futuro Foundation.

Every year, a large number of tourists come to the Ojców National Park. The park is also visited by the inhabitants of Krakow, eager for contact with nature, and also wanting to break out of the city noise for at least a moment. When organizing the tree planting campaign, we first of all want to pay attention to the urgent need to care for nature around us, and to encourage active inclusion in pro-environmental activities.

Activities of the Ojcowski National Park in cooperation with Bank Zachodni WBK and the Aeris Futuro Foundation consisting in planting 6,000 beeches perfectly fit into the policy of rebuilding natural tree stands that also determine the value of this area.

Zdjęcie główne - Ojców

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