Youth as worthy partners for adults in a battle for environmental protection. The summary of the project Time For Forest 2015-2016
Utworzono 12.12.2016

Aeris Futuro Foundation in a partnership with Yves Rocher Foundation has finished a project called Time For Forest, that was realized between 2015 and 2016 at the Sędziszów Commune. Afforestation concerned the terrains of the communal landfill area, where 50 thousand trees were planted (35 thousand in 2015 and 15 thousand in 2016).

- The Sędziszów Commune has started cooperation with Aeris Futuro Foundation, that runs the ‘neutralization of excessive ecological trace' programme during Time For Forest action. Planting trees by united efforts increases areas of wooded terrains in the commune and, as a result, improves air quality. - explains Mayor of the Sędziszów Commune Wacław Szarek.

The main aim of the project was an improvement of the habitants' life, living in the neighborhood of landfill area in Broszowice. Waste disposal not only interrupts material circulation in the environment but also reduces underbrush and become a source of soil, water and air impurity with gases and dust from landfills.

- The impurity emission is not controlled and well-organized. Organic substances from waste surrender methane fermentation. That is when a biogas (that contains CO2, CH4, H2S, NH3, H2, CO, C2H5) is being emitted. - explains the Foundation President Joanna Mieszkowicz. - I am really glad that in cooperation with the Sędziszów Commune we have achieved a realization of the project in this area. It will positively affect not only the environment in the landfill zone but also all the habitants.

On Friday, November 4th, the last event of planting project Time For Forest (2015-2016) took place in Borszowice. In the action participated students from General Education School Complex in Sędziszów. In few hours they planted 500 trees, such as Norway maple, sycamore, hawthorn, oak, mountain ash, linden and blackthorn from Urszula Król tree nursery in Jasionna.

- Youth are worthy partners for adults in a battle for environmental protection. They are perfectly able to take care of nature, stop its devastation and teach the others how to live in a harmony with nature - tells Anna Makowska, forrest officer for Aeris Futuro Foundation.

- I am glad that young people from General Education School Complex in Sędziszów for the second time so willingly entered the action. It is crucial to develop consciousness of our bond with environment, to teach youth how to think perspective and be able to predict the consequences of present actions. - explains Mayor of the Sędziszów Commune Wacław Szarek.

The cooperation with Sędziszów Commune we will certainly continue in following years. Next year, we are going to organize educational workshops for General Education School Complex students, that will result with planting ‘the wild garden'. This project will promote pro-ecological attitude between youth.
Aeris Futuro Foundation is a Polish partner of Yves Rocher Foundation, that is willing to celebrate its 50th anniversary by planting 50 million trees all over the world. Cooperation between foundations was initiated in autumn 2010, by planting 46 thousand trees in a Koszęcin forest inspectorate area, close to Częstochowa. The area of 8 hectares was devastated because of natural disasters, such as whirlwind in August 2008 and intensive snowfall on the beginning of 2010. All in all, on the area of Poland there were planted 353 thousand seedlings.

To this moment, we have coordinated common tree planting in Koszęcin forest inspectorate (2010 and 2011), Rybnik forest inspectorate - at devastated areas as a result of mining effect (2012-2014), Sędziszów Commune - at the landfill areas (2015-2016).

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