Time for Forest 2014
Utworzono 22.12.2014

Aeris Futuro Foundation is the only polish organization to extensively engage in carbon offset, that is projects offseting greenhouse gases emission by tree planting, increasing energetic efficiency and utilizing renewable energy soruces. The aim of offset is neutralization of greenhouse gases emissions and , in a long term, preventing global climate change. On the other hand, it is ecological education about environment protection adaptation to climate change.

In 2014 the Foundation relized forest offsets across the country, as part of its TIME FOR FOREST program:

• Małopolskie voivodship:
➢ 650-year anniversary of Skawina 7 trees were planted
➢ As part of Anty-konferencja 2013 offset, the conference organized by Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu 18 trees and 4 bushes were planted nearby the school in Godkowice.

• Mazowieckie voivodship:
➢ In partnership with forestry management of Chojnów and Raben Polska company as part of „e-faktura=wyższa kultura" Raben project 5500 dębów, klonów i sosen were planted within the borders of Chojnowski Park Krajobrazowy. Social tree planting event happened on 5.04, with participation of 50 people.

• Podlaskie voivodship: Puszcza Knyszyńska, near Białystok
Planting happened as part of "Count on Forest. Plant a tree!" project finale and „Count on Bike" event. With te help of Kompania Piwowarska voluntary team 3000 seedlings of oak, lime, birch and pine were planted. 33 employees of KP took part as well as officials from City Office of Białystok,forestry management of Krynki and the Foundation - 40 person in total.

• Śląskie voivodship:
➢ In partnership with forestry management of Rybnik, Zacisze and Oczków
✓ Yves Rocher Foundation along with AERIS FUTURO Foundation continued planting project in areas under forestry management of Rybnik. In the spring 63480 seedlings in total were planted (oak 14970, beech 2100, pine 37300, larch 850, spruce 2500, fir 500, alder 750, sycamore 4360, willow 150), in the autumn 26400 (pine 26000, 400 larch).
➢ In cooperation with City of Siewierz and Alta S.A. company 35 large trees were planted as an offset of climate footprint for Family Picnic of city Siewierz-Jeziorna.




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